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Eleanor Murphy Psychodynamic Counsellor
Eleanor Murphy Psychodynamic Counselling

Hello and welcome, it's a pleasure to meet you.


You may have come to find me today having been struggling with distressing feelings and experiences; ongoing anxiety, panic, deep upset, stress, disconnection, loneliness, emotional shutdown, endlessly serving the needs of others, being mistaken as 'the strong one' and being lost in a world that doesn't seem to understand what you're going through (and perhaps you don't, either).


You may be finding that you are acting or thinking in ways that worry, anger or distress you. Perhaps you have reached out to those around you to find this not helpful or enough, or even reached out to your GP only to find a frighteningly long waiting list for limited means of support. Maybe you've developed coping mechanisms which have gotten out of hand; over or under-eating, hardly leaving the house or hardly being home, over or under-sleeping, self-harming, pushing people away, distracting yourself by being 'on the go' non-stop, or becoming excessively absorbed by activities such as gaming or exercise, as just a few examples. Perhaps you've even tried other types of counselling in the past, but feel it didn't attend to the roots of your problems. I know you're trying your best to cope, but even so, you may feel like you're sinking right now.

My name is Eleanor Murphy (she/her), and together we can work on getting you back to the surface and beyond. I am a passionate adult psychodynamic counsellor, working face-to-face from my private practice in Hinckley town centre.​ I work with a diverse range of people and presenting problems, and am particularly drawn to supporting those experiencing anxiety, panic, lostness, low confidence, burnout, relational problems, and those in enmeshed and dependant relationships. Many of my clients feel that they are seen as strong, confident, or as the 'parental' one, and are exhausted by their own struggles and needs being overlooked and unattended to. 

In our therapy space you are priority, and the utmost care is given to hearing you and exploring your experiences without judgement to gain understanding of your current struggles. I recognise and appreciate you fully as the unique person you are. My aim is to be as useful to you as possible in our work, and offer you relatedness, compassion, and nurturing challenge for deep, genuine change.

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The type of therapy I practice ensures that you are the focus. You will not find me turning the conversation around to be about me or my life, as we sometimes find when approaching friends and family for support. All of our therapeutic work will take place solely within our 50-minute sessions, once per week, helping you to feel safe and secure within a predictable way of working together. To find out more about how I work, click here.


At my core, I believe we all deserve equal treatment and respect, irrespective of sex, gender identity, race, age, body shape, class, wealth, sexuality, religion, or ability/disability. I believe everyone has the right to feel empowered in themselves, to truly value who they are and receive thoughtful care and support. I also recognise the challenges to some of these beliefs that exist within our society, and value your personal experience of this highly.  

If it feels like we might work well together, you can find out how to arrange an initial introductory chat here.

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